Tony and Marni

The team at Dynamic Home Transformations decorated and furnished our unit in Frankston for sale in March 2017. We were thrilled with the result. We achieved well over our reserve and, with their styling, were able to attract two owner occupiers who battled it out at the auction, both wanting to live in the environment that Lynette & Gary had helped us to create.

The little details of giving the property a final clean up spruce before the photos and on the day of the auction plus their willingness to change a couple of things we requested was fantastic. They listened to our needs, exceeded our expectations, worked very co-operatively with the real estate agent and drew many compliments from prospective bidders on how they had presented the property.

We made back our investment in their services many times over in the sale of the property and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other owners looking to sell their properties for the highest possible price.

Tony & Marni

March 2017